March 29, 2011

6 Tips to Improve Concentration for Children

Low concentration levels are a common problem amongst children these days. More and more children are suffering attention disorder, where they find it difficult to focus on a single thing, for too long a time. This creates a problem, especially where studies are concerned. However, developing and improving the concentration of a child is not an impossible task. There are numerous activities that appeal to children and improve their concentration as well, thereby enhancing their memory and mental sharpness. Then, there are games and puzzle that are fun and also increase the attentiveness of a child. Look out for some games that improve the concentration of kids.

Concentration Activities for Children 
  1. Board games improve concentration and are fun to play with. Children love to play them too. So, the best way to make them learn something is to teach them through games. Card games also help in increasing concentration levels.
  2. Story recalling also helps improve concentration. You can read a story to your children. Just before reading it, ask them a few questions. This would enhance their attention towards the story, thereby increasing the concentration levels. Once you read something that is also the answer for the question you asked, they will immediately recognize it. What you are doing is helping your kids become active listeners and thereby, improving their concentration.
  3. Missing Numbers is a great concentration game for any child who knows how to count. You count from one to ten, leaving out numbers every so often. When you leave out a number, the child should call out the number you left out. For example, you might go "One, two, three, five," and by the time you're saying "six", your child should have called out "four". This would enhance learning as well attentiveness.
  4. A tricky variation of missing numbers particular game, for older children, involves counting by multiples for example, three, six, nine, twelve, etc and occasionally leaving out one of the multiples. This is also beneficial in improving the attention of the child.
  5. A game of opposites is great for preschool kids. You call out a word and let the child give you the opposite. With young children especially, be sure to pick words they know. It would not only improve their word power, but would also increase their concentration.
  6. Nothing can improve concentration better than a round of tongue twisters. They have a dual purpose. While they enhance the clarity of your voice, with each word spoken clearly, they also improve your concentration. This is because it requires a lot of attention to speak them out clearly.  
Other activities that build concentration include: doing puzzles, drawing pictures, making models, learning karate, and helping with family chores.

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