April 23, 2012

Fallen Angels

I am very lucky,
I have these two friends you see,
I’d say they were more like angels,
But you’d never believe me.

We can’t hold a conversation,
For they do not say a word,
But to say that they say nothing,
Would be quite absurd.

Their smiles tell me they’re happy,
Their hugs scream that they care,
Their hand in mine, though silent,
Lets me know, they want me there.

God sent them down from heaven,
Of that I’m almost sure,
To teach us things we will never know,
Unless we take their tour.

They take things on face value,
Accept them as they are,
Never judging nor condemning,
They are truly shining stars.

My path crossed with theirs while they were young,
And now I watch them grow,
And while they both have Autism,
It’s the 'real' them I’ve come to know.

I pray that on each one of you,
Their wisdom they impart,
And that all of you may one day meet,
The fallen angels that stole my heart. ♥

By Sarah Squance

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