April 22, 2012

If you want a "true" friend, then pick someone on the spectrum!

The double edge sword for people on the spectrum is their "highs and lows". They live in the world of "black and white". "all or nothing" extremes! Whereas this can often be a real source of conflict with the external world, and a great source of stress for themselves, it presents both advantages and disadvantages.

We all know of ...the struggles that people on the spectrum have with relating with others. However, the one advantage of this "all or nothing" thinking is that if you befriend a person on the spectrum, they will be the most loyal and trustworthy friend that you ever have! When they commit to something they commit totally. If they choose to be a friend with you, they will be the most loyal, committed friend you can have. No game playing, no ambiguity, no dishonesty! They will be there for you, and help you out in any way they can. So if you want at least one "true" friend, pick someone on the spectrum!

However, if you pick that person to be your friend, cherish it and don’t abuse it. Loyal devotion leaves one vulnerable. When you have difficulty picking up the subtle cues of social abuse, then risking is emotionally vulnerable. If you want someone who will tell it like it is, do anything for you, and stand by you no matter what, pick a friend on the spectrum!

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